4 Ways I’ve Made Money Online (Part Time)

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1. Virtual assistant.

HomeWithTheKids.com’s Foster sees virtual assistant job postings come across her desk regularly. She says one of the most appealing aspects of working as a virtual assistant is being able to tailor the services offered to the assistant’s skills and training. Some companies in need of specialized skills or temporary extra hands now hire virtual assistants as a matter of course rather than bringing on additional full-time employees. ┬áDurst, co-founder of the International Virtual Assistants Association, reflects back to the association’s initial membership of just 28. Today, more than 600 people are card-carrying members who willingly pay up to $137 annually to be a part.

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2. Medical transcriptionist.

HomeWithTheKids.com’s Foster is a former medical transcriptionist, and she knows all too well how demanding the position can be. Most employers want to hire an experienced transcriptionist rather than provide training, which means that excellent, experienced transcriptionists have lots of opportunities to choose from. And at $17.17 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2015, the pay is pretty great too.

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Transcriptionists will face daily challenges as diverse as deciphering dictated notes from physicians who use complex medical terminology, eat or drink while dictating, carry on side conversations while dictating or lapse into their first language while dictating. It isn’t always easy to work, but it certainly is interesting and it makes for a good career for someone with the right background and skills.

3. Translator.

For job seekers with a second language, there are some great job opportunities in translation services. A translator must be more than a repository of multi-lingual definitions and terms. They must have sufficient cultural fluency to translate subtle nuances as well. Often, the translators with the required skill level do not reside in a place geographically close to their clients. This makes translation services a great work-at-home job option.

With an ever more global marketplace, it is not surprising that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a job growth for translators and interpreters of 29 percent over the next decade. As well, at $20.96, the hourly wage can translate into an income of $43,590 for transcriptionists who choose to work full time. Government translation work can pay as much as $52,480 per year.

4. Web developer/designer.

If any sector is responsible for leading the pack in terms of generating work-at-home job opportunities, it is information technology (IT). Employees like Terri Orlowski, a virtual assistant who specializes in web development, spends her days working at home on custom web design, template modification, coding updates, hosting and usability reviewing. She makes more money and works fewer hours than she did in her previous life as an onsite administrative assistant.

Upwork.com’s former CEO, Gary Swart, states that many of the new job postings seen on Upwork are seeking web developers.

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