5 Ways to Start Internet Marketing

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Start an Internet Marketing Company

There are several ways to start an internet marketing company that can be very profitable. The basic premise is there are hundreds of small to medium size business owners who have no clue when it comes to websites, Google Adwords, SEO, social media, and email marketing.  Even a very surface level knowledge of these internet marketing ideas will go a long way in getting new internet marketing clients. One of the biggest benefits of starting your own internet marketing company is you can position yourself as an online expert and earn monthly recurring income. Many online marketers earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to an income in the thousands.

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1. How to Build Websites

Building a website for an internet marketing client has never been easier than it is today. I recommend brushing up on how to use the WordPress platform. WordPress is one of the easiest and most used website frameworks available. Hundreds of thousands of companies use WordPress to build, edit and maintain their websites.

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You can search for WordPress themes on google and find a huge amount of awesome temples that require no coding and use easy drag and drop editors to build beautiful websites.

TIP:A simple Youtube tutorial can easily get you started on your path to become an WordPress expert.

You will also want to consider how and where you will host your clients’ websites. To get started I recommend using hostgator.com as I have found their speed and customer service to be superior over other services like Godaddy.

If you are new to blogging or building websites the best way to get started is simply start your own website and build your skills. Before you know it you will easily be able to build custom sites that will blow your customers socks off.

2. Google Adwords Campaign Management

Starting a Google Adwords campaign management program is one of the quickest ways to get your internet marketing customers new clients with very little effort. This will prove your worth very quickly and help build rapport and trust that will go a long way.

To get started create a Google Adwords account and use they keyword planner to do some keyword research. Then following their easy steps you can start running an Adwords campaign that will display ads to potential clients based on the targeted keywords you have chosen. These ads will appear as sponsored contented above regular google search results. Your internet marketing client will be charged based on googles cost per click established for each keyword you have decided on.

I recommend you talk with your internet marking client to agree on a Google Adwords budget and help choose the keywords you will be driving traffic through.

3. Internet Marketing SEO

Become a search engine marketing specialist. This might sound intimidating but it’s really not. Ranking for local keywords for small business is usually quite easy. You can use a service like fiverr.com or source-market.com to pay for and SEO expert to help rank a site. Make sure to do some research on the SEO specialist you are choosing. Some are very good and some are terrible and can actually hurt your clients site.

If you are not well versed in SEO it may be a good idea to start a client with a dummy site. All you do is buy a domain that is similar to your clients a put a similar website or landing page up. Using all the same contact information that is one your clients site, start ranking this dummy site using these new SEO strategies. This way you are not risking any negative impacts bad SEO can have on your client site.

4. Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan

Social marketing is really important but it’s also a major buzz word among small business owners. It really boils down to finding and getting followers and different social media accounts. Once you have obtained followers is simply cultivating the relationship by posting valuable content users want to see all while adding in offers for the business your working for. From Facebook to Instagram, each social media platform has its own quirks much to deep to explore in this article.

5. Email Marketing Plan

Aweber is considered by many as the best email marketing software in the industry. Once you sign up with an account with them you can simply can build an online form or popup box that you can add to your clients site. When a user signs up with their email will be captured and stored in your Aweber account.

TIP: Make sure to give the website user an compelling reason to sign up in the email form. You can bribe them by offering a guide or free gift. This is usually some type of downloadable pdf or even a link to a video lesson on an interesting topic

Once you have a list of emails you can start an email campaign that will send out a series of emails to potential customers. This is great because it starts automated series of emails that will continually market to users.

Understanding these concepts will get you on your way to become an internet marking expert and earning serious cash online.

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