6 Online Business Opportunities

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So much has changed over the last decade, not the least of which is how we search for jobs. Before the explosion of the internet, the newspaper was the gold standard for finding work-from-home and other online business opportunities. Everyone knew everyone else, and it was hard to run an employment scam without friends and neighbors quickly finding out.

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Today, your new employer could be living in another state or another country. Most online business opportunities begin, continue and end online, with employer and employee speaking only via chat or internet. In this fairly anonymous online environment, job scams also abound.

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Rat Race Rebellion, a company founded in 1999 to provide individuals looking for work-from-home employment with connections to legitimate employers, first began tracking jobs and online business opportunities listed online in 2007. Shockingly, the company’s cofounders, Christine “Chris” Durst and Michael “Mike” Haaren, discovered that there were approximately 30 fake or scam job “opportunities” for every legitimate job offer they found.

As of now, that ratio has doubled, with 60 fake “jobs” to every 1 legitimate online business opportunities.

But Durst says this should not discourage aspiring employees who dream of creating a life where they can work from home successfully. Durst’s company, Staffcentrix, hears success stories every day from the many job seekers who take advantage of the company’s home-based and virtual career training programs as well as job postings. Recent survey’s show that many job seekers that contact them seeking work-at-home employment and online career training often fall into these categories:

– Working parents who crave more flexibility in their work hours to be hands-on parents.

– Military spouses who are faced with a new city and a new job market every few years when their partners get transferred yet again.

– Retired former employees who wish to return to the workforce to earn additional income.

– Disabled persons for whom working from home may be the only viable option.

Durst is a parent of two herself, and she says it can be less easy to juggle parenting and working from home than many job seekers assume. All scheduling bets tend to be off when it comes to children, which means work-at-home employees may do better with tasks that work from a deadline rather than on an hourly basis. This can allow for more flexibility with scheduling work hours.

CollegeRecruiter.com’s founder and president, Steven Rothberg, states that he sees increasing numbers of entry-level candidates searching for online business opportunities. Those with more introverted personalities also tend to do better when the bulk of the day’s interactions are conducted online or via phone rather than face to face.

As well, candidates that score high on self-motivation, independence, self-discipline and appropriate skills and training tend to be attracted to and to excel at home-based employment, according to HomeWithTheKids.com’s founder, Stephanie Foster.

FlexJobs.com’s CEO, Sara Sutton Fell, has seen more employers as well as job seekers accessing her site’s work-at-home screening services. Employers often find telecommuting attractive from a cost perspective, but also because it widens the available talent pool to include remote workers.

6 Work-At Home Jobs and Online Business Opportunities

1. Call center representative.

Today, most call center representatives are not housed in an in-office call center. They are sitting at home at their kitchen table or in their home office. Durst cites remote employment as a call center representative as one of the fastest-growing industries for employers and employees alike. The growth is exponentially fueled by stateside consumers’ very vocal displeasure at having their calls re-routed overseas, where language and cultural barriers often inhibit communications.

Pay in the call center business is typically by the minute, meaning income can vary from day to day based on the number of incoming calls received. HomeWithTheKids.com is a good website to find call center representative job postings.

2. Tech support specialist.

In addition to call representatives, many call centers are in need of technical support specialists. The co-author of “Undress for Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home,” Kate Lister, says she thinks it is one of the top 3 work-from-home jobs available today.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics seems to agree with Lister, citing a job growth in the industry of 12 percent over the next decade (88,000 new jobs are expected to be created).

3. Travel agent.

If there is one industry where customers are particularly vulnerable to scams, it is travel. This has led to the rise of an unexpected work-at-home job opportunity for home-based travel agents, with more than 40,000 such agents currently working in the industry.

Tom Ogg, HomeBasedTravelAgent.com’s founder, says that a professional and dedicated home-based travel agent can earn six figures annually.

4. Teacher.

As the population continues to explode, there is a growing demand for teachers at all levels within the educational system. This includes increasing opportunities for virtual education and tutoring.

With the ongoing popularity of virtual and distance learning, new advances in technology have further expanded the potential to work remotely as a teacher or tutor. Income can reach six figures depending on the number of hours worked and subjects taught/tutored.

GetEducated.com is a great resource website for finding resources and job postings in this field.

5. Writer/editor.

Contrary to very public opinion over the last decade or so, print publishing is still alive and kicking. Online publishing options have infused the industry with new life and given additional aspiring authors, freelance writers and editors a foot in the door.

HomeWithTheKids.com is a great resource website for finding job postings in the writing and editing fields.

6. Franchise owner.

Leslie Truex, WorkAtHomeSuccess.com’s founder, states that franchise work gives a work-at-home entrepreneur something new individual startups can’t leverage – brand awareness. As well, new franchisees are given access to business-building tools and existing clientele to aid in their chances of business success and overall profitability.

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